Hello, this is me YuriRestia, the founder of this wikia, thank you for what you're about to contribute to us, your help is much appreciated.


In order to lessen your work as much as we can, we have created a basic template for creating pages about T-Dolls info so if you're about to create one, just click on this the link in the notice panel when you're creating a new page

Format for adding datas

For stats numbers in the stats panel, please use ?? → ?? (stat at lv 1 → stat at lv 100)

For construction timers, please use ??:??:??

For classifications, you can use: HG/Pistol for pistols

AR/Assault rifle for assault rifles

RF/Rifle for sniper rifles

SMG/Submachine gun for submachine guns

MG/Machine gun for machine guns

For rarity, please use ★. Examples: ★★, ★★★,....

Format for adding pictures

Most of the picture neccessary for the T-Doll info page will be automatically put into place if you follows these naming formats:

Normal CG: Pagename.png

Damaged CG: Pagenamedamaged.png

Chibi(sprite in battle): Pagename chibi.jpg


Once again, thank you for your contributions, if you follow these guidelines, most things will be automated(including adding categories,...) which will also help us out a lot.

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